Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Grainy Day | Aztec and Denim

Hi everyone! 

These past few weeks have been as hot and warm as ever, and considering the fact that we have eight months of snow here, we should cherish it; however, the hot weather has been harming mother nature- there were six wild fires ignited across our province so far during the past week! Perfect timing for the wind to come and blow those dust particles and the smell of smoke into our city... I was holding my breathe as I got these photos taken by my lovely sister! Tip #1: try to avoid the outside world as much as possible; tip #2: close windows and doors to avoid the odour and dust. Don't get me wrong- it's not deadly or anything- it's similar to that day when those trucks come and dust the roads! So these grainy days should be over soon! 

Anyway, here I am, sporting this used to feel quite baggy on me, but not so much anymore (Thank you, Grandma and Momma for the food and care!) aztec sweater with this denim skort, here in my backyard (do excuse the soil and debris by my apple tree). This sweater was bought around a year ago, when I went crazy online shopping, haha. I can control myself quite well nowadays, I'd say. I added my old watch I've been wearing since probably seventh or eighth grade and a pair of black flats with some studs on! I honestly can't believe I'm wearing a sweater in the summer... but today was quite a windy, cool day! 

Outfit Details:
Skorts, flats, watch, bag: forgot/old

Is the weather doing you any good wherever you are? No sweater for summer, I'm guessing? :P


  1. I love the vintage looking bag! So cute!


  2. Awesome sweater (isn't it too warm?) and
    love the vintage looking bag as well! Xx

  3. you look so cute
    love the simple outfit

    visit mine :


  4. Ahh I know what you mean about meaning to enjoy the summer months but it's sooooo hot! I'm sorry to hear about all the fires in your province. Stay safe!
    On a sartorial note, how cute is your outfit?? That sweater is so cute - I kind of want one for myself for fall. The pattern is amazing! And what an amazing bag! Absolutely lovely!

  5. I love your jumper and watch - such a lovely outfit.


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