Thursday, 14 August 2014

Animethon 21

Hi everyone! I've been missing in action from my blog and my social media networks for quite awhile because of Animethon, which occurred in August 8, 9, and 10! I used to love blogging and reading blogs and all that (I still do, don't get me wrong), but after Animethon I feel like I shouldn't be sucked inside the virtual world.. ahh. I'll be back in shape soon, though, so don't worry.

Anyway.. Animethon 21 was really enjoyable this year; it was my second time attending Animethon and it felt like I enjoyed it more than last year as I was able to get some hotel rooms booked with my friends in the university residence! (Therefore we could party all night and just walk to get back home after the late night events! :P) Anyway, I do have to admit that one of the best things about Animethon is again, volunteering!! I was one of the people responsible for registering the customers~ woohoo! I love greeting people and making them feel warm and happy inside- plus, it was really fun to get productive and efficient to shorten up the line!! Yay~ I hope the people didn't feel frustrated as last year (there was a super long line last year when I was volunteering.. gosh...)!

Spot me working at the Registration Desk! It was so fun greeting people and welcoming them to Animethon :-) 
I got a looooong line of customers! :D 

Next, I just wore a kimono outfit for the 1st day- a kimono, lace up socks, sandals, and a purple wig!

Ah.. ha.. ha.. I laugh at my horrible photo-editing skills! >"< please forgive me~ the old background was not nice at all so this is still better than the last one... 
For the second day, I cosplayed as Kuroko from Kuroko's Basketball (I managed to finish watching the first season before Animethon to get a feel of his cool personality, haha). Yepp... Kuroko is a guy. I was so delighted this year as lots of people wanted to get pictures of me~ yay, I can finally join the bandwagon of cosplay celebrities!! Haha, jk! :-)

My friend got these pictures as I was posing for another like 2 or 3 cameras who asked to get pictures of me.. so that's why I'm not looking at the camera! 

Kuroko (me) and Ryuko Matoi (one of my friends) <3 

Me and my friends went to more events than last year.. such as a film, a game, a panel with introduction to voice-acting, Masquerade Ball, An Cafe's concert, Magistima Saga's concert, Yukino 's Guest Autograph, and of course, must visit the vendor's hall and Artists' Alley for sure! Volunteers also got free food provided this year, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner.. I wouldn't say the food is the best, but it's edible and still fulfills a meal, although me and friends do go to other restaurants for more bites! :)

Here's my haul from Animethon!!

I restocked up on my posters, got a few postcards to send to friends, a puzzle, and a wall scroll! :') plus an Animethon pin~ I think I only spent $50-60 this year because I actually thought a lot before purchasing, instead of randomly splurging whenever I felt like it, haha. 


Now that I think of it, I don't think I've ever said I am near-sighted? Here's me and my friends, just sitting on the ground, waiting for the line up to watch the Talent Show (with An Cafe as the judges)! Exploited- my nerdy glasses- GAH! P.S., we tend to wear casual clothes on Sunday (last and 3rd day of Animethon) because it's our shopping day and there are less events :')

Well, that's it for this post! :D Have you ever been to an anime convention?? 

Until next time~


Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Orange is the New Black

Now before you get on ahead with that title.. no.. I didn't watch the TV series yet although I heard many compliments about it~ heheh... but that's sort of where I'm deriving the title of this outfit from!

I don't have much orange clothes now that I think of it.. NEW SHOPPING MOTIVE!! (Just kidding, haha- I need to start saving for school too!!) Anyway.. the weather is so so hot today (and a bit humid)- it felt nearly like the warm, humid weather in Hawaii when I took a stroll down here in the evening! Loved the feeling.. gosh, how I miss Hawai!! 

Oh my gosh.. I love this setting so much!! Perfect shooting location for more outfits! Con is that my photographer (aka my sister(s)) didn't have a fun trip here walking! Oh, look.. I'm wearing my "walking shoes"! 

What I'm wearing: Top from China | Shorts from China | Hat from China | Roots Bag | Clarks Shoes

This light thin cardigan was absolutely perfect for the cooling evening! I honestly don't remember where it's from! :P but today was too hot to wear the cardigan! It's probably above 38 degrees Celsius including humidity!! Well, I love hot more than cold, so I'm going to embrace this weather while I can (crazy me, huh)?! ^^ *flips sticky hair in air* (I'm debating what sorts of short hairstyles should I go for as I have extremely thick hair!) 

Until next time!! Have a great day!


Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Crop it with a Skirt

Eek, I can't believe I found a crop top from my Mom's old collection!! Haha, I actually remember seeing some pictures of my Mom rocking it when she was younger... she's still stylish! :P Anyway, I'm wearing this black crop top with a lace skirt, plus a denim jacket for the extra structured denim touch- quite a basic, easy outfit to put together if I do say so myself.. it should be great for school. 

And, I did quite a bit of shopping the other day, and I thought I'd like to share my haul! 

There was a sale in La Senza- these bras were only roughly $9 each- down from around $30-$35 each! 

1/3 of the shoes I bought- it was on sale for $29.99! 
A look from the front/side :) 

2/3 of the shoes I bought: the brand of this is Clarke, and I bought it in sears for $69, down from $109! I know it might not look really in style, but this I'm calling this my "walking shoes"- I know I can walk in this for a whole day without my feet hurting from it! It's so comfortable.;) 
 The third pair of shoes is not yet in my hands- I actually spotted it in Aldo, but my size was not in stock. I'm usually a size 7 to 8, but since I decided that pair of shoes would be great for winter, I sized up just in case I wore thick socks for the shoes; so, I ordered a size 8 and it should arrive within 3-6 business days! Can't wait to see and wear them!! Anyway, I can say that this shopping haul from yesterday was pretty successful, though still quite a bit pricy! 

Did you do any recent shopping hauls? Share them with me so I won't feel bad splurging so much, haha!!
Until next time~ have an amazing day!

Monday, 21 July 2014

What to NOT Wear to a Wedding (The Bride will never Forgive You)

Recently, I've been watching quite a lot of dramas, and believe me, most of them had at least one wedding scene! These days I pay more attention to wedding scenes to observe what the actors wear. Since high school ended, me and my friends keep signing each others' yearbooks, jokingly promising we'll become each others' bridesmaids or that we'll race to see who'll be the first to send out those wedding invitations. I'm not in a hurry, but I thought it'd be a nice and helpful post to give out some hints for attire on a wedding day of a friend's or closed one's!

Bridesmaids usually have matching dresses (or similar dresses) while guests usually have their own option of how they wish to dress. So, assuming you will be attending as a gust, here's a small tip from watching some wedding scenes: don't wear black- it may be interpreted as a bad omen; don't wear white either- too bright; dark coloured; or any bold dress that will outshine the bride on her big day!Light coloured dresses such as tan and beige are great choices for attending a wedding! Of course, these aren't actually laws fixed by the government, but it's a good head's up for future reference! 

And with that, I'd like to introduce, a company that specializes in selling dresses of all sorts- prom dresses, evening dresses, formal dresses, cocktail dresses, bridesmaid dresses, wedding dresses... you name it. Here are my top 4 picks for dresses to wear to a wedding from their wide variety of dresses:

I'd more likely prefer to wear a short dress to a wedding. I have never been a big fan of long dresses until I started searching for them for my graduation banquet. For some reason, I used to think short dresses were "short and sweet" while long ones just drag all the way down to the floor and didn't look as attractive. Now, I can easily start gawking over the beauty of long dresses. However, wearing short dresses helps me be certain I won't be tripping over my own dress, learning from my experience of my banquet dinner that happened during the end of May (you won't be able to guess the number of times I had stepped on my dress). But otherwise, long dresses most certainly have their own beauty!  I'd definitely wear one of these two long dresses to a wedding:

I tend to lean towards dresses that are simple with some small details; don't forget to accessorize if you feel your dress doesn't have some blingy shine to it! 

Any thoughts about my above suggested dresses? & any ideas about what to wear or what not to wear to a wedding?

Thanks for reading and enjoy your day! 

*FTC Disclaimer: Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions and thoughts expressed are my own.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Plaid and Edgy with a Touch of Moon

Hi everyone! Today I opted in for an edgier, cool look with the tie-waist flannel. I can remember back in elementary when we'd have our spring jackets around our waist just so life would be easier during recess when we start getting warm. What a coincidence that Olivia of HerNameWasCelebration blogged about this recently, too- do check out her post on the That Jacket Tying Thing for a more feminine look on this trend and for our share of elementary days! ;) 

This moon phases tank top was bought a few months ago for five dollars from Winners! I remember buying this bag from Aritzia around four years ago- everyone was wearing it and I don't know what part of it I fell in love. So, when it went on sale for roughly 50% off, I bought it for almost $25 and so far, I've only used it as a "travel bag", aka a personal carry-on when riding the plane. It's really spacious but a downside might just be that it's heavy and you might easily (though not intentionally) bonk people's heads with it! Nonetheless, I think owning at least one of these sorts of large bags are also an advantage to a closet, too, right? 

Outfit Details:
Moon Tank Top: Winners
Plaid Shirt: Abercrombie & Fitch / Hollister (forgot- will update!) 
Denim Shorts: Urban Planet
Bag: Aritzia
Watch: vintage
Shoes: vintage

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Grainy Day | Aztec and Denim

Hi everyone! 

These past few weeks have been as hot and warm as ever, and considering the fact that we have eight months of snow here, we should cherish it; however, the hot weather has been harming mother nature- there were six wild fires ignited across our province so far during the past week! Perfect timing for the wind to come and blow those dust particles and the smell of smoke into our city... I was holding my breathe as I got these photos taken by my lovely sister! Tip #1: try to avoid the outside world as much as possible; tip #2: close windows and doors to avoid the odour and dust. Don't get me wrong- it's not deadly or anything- it's similar to that day when those trucks come and dust the roads! So these grainy days should be over soon! 

Anyway, here I am, sporting this used to feel quite baggy on me, but not so much anymore (Thank you, Grandma and Momma for the food and care!) aztec sweater with this denim skort, here in my backyard (do excuse the soil and debris by my apple tree). This sweater was bought around a year ago, when I went crazy online shopping, haha. I can control myself quite well nowadays, I'd say. I added my old watch I've been wearing since probably seventh or eighth grade and a pair of black flats with some studs on! I honestly can't believe I'm wearing a sweater in the summer... but today was quite a windy, cool day! 

Outfit Details:
Skorts, flats, watch, bag: forgot/old

Is the weather doing you any good wherever you are? No sweater for summer, I'm guessing? :P
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