Thursday, 2 January 2014

Give Me Another Break...

Can you believe it's January of 2014 already?! January, defined by us, high school students, mean torture! Final exams and diplomas are what're we're heading into at this time of the school year. School officially starts next week and I just started flipping through my Biology textbook last night! :( Procrastination is such a horrible experience in which I constantly encounter (and you remind me of my last post before the break when I confidently declared to be efficient during this two-week period).

I think just need another break...

Anyway, what's done is done. I'm glad I spent some quality time, you could say, with my family. I just hope you spent your time more wisely than I did. 

For today's look, I pulled out some of my classic summer pieces (sleeveless top and shorts) and incorporated them into my winter attire. I remembered seeing this pair of shorts on the streets of Yantai, China. Loved the soft chiffon material of the flower in the front and the light-washed denim colour. It was in one of those small boutiques that are set up right beside the sidewalk! I believe I purchased this for $5 CAD- cheap price right?! But the cheap price may come with cheap quality. I hand wash all my clothes bought from China since machine wash and dry could cause colour change, loose sewing edges, and all that mumbo jumbo! I'd rather not take the risk, though I know these pieces aren't that durable. 

Folded the sleeves of my coat so my gifted Kenneth Cole watch from Momma bear can steal some spot light while it also polishes the whole outfit. 

These pair of shoes were borrowed from my Grandma's collection! There's something about vintage that reflects a retro feeling.. like, that feeling when you're in love with the old yet elegant buildings of the Victorian Era?

Outfit Details

Top- Mom's collection
Shorts- China
Vintage Shoes- Grandma's collection
Kenneth Cole Watch- gifted
Bag- gifted from Thailand

Hope you're enjoying the kick start of 2014 so far!



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