Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Aztec/Tribal Love!

Helloo everyone! I'd love to say I love Fall, but if Fall is this cold... it's way out of my league! After my brother finished classes (and I came home from the library), we headed to a nearby lake for my photo shoot.  

It wasn't so cold today with my red jacket (I bought this just yesterday at West Edmonton Mall) on and even with my aztec cardigan on, I don't feel cold at all! It was just my hands that were freezing! 

Anyway, let the pics take over!

$165 CAD from Simons
 Simons, currently located in Canada, came to West Edmonton Mall (which was actually the largest in-door shopping mall in the world until 2004- something I'm proud of Edmonton for) just last year. I love the store! It's so big and spacious and has a variety of items, from women and men clothing to pillows and home decor! :) 

Yesterday I got crazy checking out all of their jackets! I'm growing out of my old jacket that I've been wearing for almost 2-3 years. Anyway, Simons' clothing are pretty good quality and their prices aren't the cheapest, but they're still affordable.  Jackets I usually purchase range from $200- $400, so when I saw these warm, cute jackets, I immediately knew I'd be bringing them home! There was actually many different styles of jackets that I couldn't choose from, so I bought this red/burgundy one and another one for my sis.

Edmonton at almost 5pm. The sun is setting already.. :(

I've been seeing Aztec/tribal prints everywhere! On backpacks, shoes, cardigans, sweaters, shorts, and more! I love these gorgeous prints! It's so beautiful. 

I've seen these beautiful cardigans in online stores for around $35-45, but I got this from SammyDress for only $12.52 (excluding shipping costs). SammyDress is an online store that ships from China and has a lot of inexpensive, affordable pieces! Most of the items are inexpensive, but there are also shipping costs to keep in mind! Delivery cost was around $7-8, so my total came to $18.36, which still isn't a bad price. The quality of the material is pretty good too. :) 

Aztec snow boots from Fashion Q - $20

Outfit Details:

Aztec/Tribal Print Cardigan: SammyDress (here)
Grey Long-Sleeve Shirt: Blink
Teal Jeggings: Urban Planet
Aztec Snow Boots: Fashion Q

By the time we finished the photo shoot (around 5:20pm), it was already getting extremely dark!

Anyway, have a good day lovelies and thanks for reading! :)



Saturday, 9 November 2013

The Extra Early Christmas Party

Happy Saturday! 

It's almost 6 weeks and a bit more until Christmas!! 
 Woohoo! Christmas is one of my absolute favourite holidays! :) What about you guys? Even though I don't receive as many presents as when I was young, but I just love celebrating this holiday with my family and friends! It's super fun and I love the atmosphere of the community when Christmas creeps near. Anyway, we had an extra early Christmas party today (since this weekend many of my parents' friends came from Calgary). It was my parents' friends who came. There was a lot of babies and children- and I enjoyed it a lot. :) Don't forget pizza, pop, spaghetti, and more! 

Here's our Christmas tree! :D 

Since this was, after all, a children's Christmas party, so I was mostly just taking the pictures, helping out, eating, and talking with my sisters and my brother. :) 
My attempt to take the picture with the Christmas tree somewhat failed! Lighting issues! Grr...

This dress is simple and nice. I would've loved to wear a red dress or something bold to match the Christmas-y spirit, but unfortunately, I don't have a red dress! Well, the only red dress I have is a floral red dress from Hawaii.. and that's perfect for only the beaches or casual dates...  So I decided to go with the classical black and white colour palette! I think I did an alright job on this. I still wish I could be a bit more colorful for the fun Christmas atmosphere! Oh, well. I'll make sure to brighten all of you guys on Christmas day or throughout Christmas week! ;)

Outfit Details:

Black Fur Vest: Material Girl
White Chiffon Dress: Cute Outfits Online (here)
Black heels: Ebay  

I also paired on a black furry vest to add some extra texture. The chiffon material is sheer, so I added a warm furry material to keep me warm! :) 

Anyway, I was so surprised to receive a present from one of my lovely mom's friend! She gave each of us (me and my two other sisters) an Ardene Gift Card! Additional pieces shall be added to my wardrobe soon.

Can't wait for Christmas- you with me? :) 

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Grains of Earth Tones

Hey gorgeous people! As you can tell from my eyes and my bags under it, I am not getting enough sleep! I've been busy, busy, busy! So many things go on every week. This week we also had grad pictures! :)
I also have a Biology test tomorrow and I have piano right after school every Friday too. I'm so not excited to finish work at 9pm and get home at around 10pm through the bus! 

Anyway, here's my outfit for today! Can you not tell these pictures were taken late in the evening? The sun sets earlier and earlier each day. The green romper was from Papaya- I bought it for only $7 when I was in San Diego! Anyway, I love the army green colour, and especially love it matched with the brown boots 'cause it gives off that earthy tone/feel/mood! Don't you agree? :)

I love how the romper is also not too tight- it gives me more than enough mobility freedom- so it doesn't look bad when I wear clingy leggings with it!

Outfit Details

Studded Vest- Forever 21
Green Romper- Papaya
Boots- Boutique from HK

Enjoy your day!

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