Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Crop it with a Skirt

Eek, I can't believe I found a crop top from my Mom's old collection!! Haha, I actually remember seeing some pictures of my Mom rocking it when she was younger... she's still stylish! :P Anyway, I'm wearing this black crop top with a lace skirt, plus a denim jacket for the extra structured denim touch- quite a basic, easy outfit to put together if I do say so myself.. it should be great for school. 

And, I did quite a bit of shopping the other day, and I thought I'd like to share my haul! 

There was a sale in La Senza- these bras were only roughly $9 each- down from around $30-$35 each! 

1/3 of the shoes I bought- it was on sale for $29.99! 
A look from the front/side :) 

2/3 of the shoes I bought: the brand of this is Clarke, and I bought it in sears for $69, down from $109! I know it might not look really in style, but this I'm calling this my "walking shoes"- I know I can walk in this for a whole day without my feet hurting from it! It's so comfortable.;) 
 The third pair of shoes is not yet in my hands- I actually spotted it in Aldo, but my size was not in stock. I'm usually a size 7 to 8, but since I decided that pair of shoes would be great for winter, I sized up just in case I wore thick socks for the shoes; so, I ordered a size 8 and it should arrive within 3-6 business days! Can't wait to see and wear them!! Anyway, I can say that this shopping haul from yesterday was pretty successful, though still quite a bit pricy! 

Did you do any recent shopping hauls? Share them with me so I won't feel bad splurging so much, haha!!
Until next time~ have an amazing day!


  1. Cute outfit! I love your bag! The leopard bras are so cute! Love this post!


  2. Your mom must have been very stylish! Haha. I love how you styled the crop top with a midi skirt to add some elegance. This is such a lovely summer look!


  3. Mads | Its a Mads Mads World23 July 2014 at 18:24

    Love the outfit !

    Madeline | Its a Mads Mads World

  4. such a lovely look! your skirt is beautiful and i love it with the crop top and denim jacket! very cool :D

  5. Great shopping! The bra is gorgeous. Love your denim jacket and crop top. Probably your mother used it in the 80s/90s. Trends come and go.

    Jasmine x

    For a Real Woman

    So easy Spanish!

  6. Love how you styled this look. That crop top and those shoes are so cute!

  7. Euge Etcheverry24 July 2014 at 11:06

    My mom was very stylish too! And she still is so I love to share stuff with her. You look great :)

  8. Those shoes are amazing! I love how they grunge up an otherwise girly look

    Eden from edenroses xx

  9. I love the jean jacket and the crop top! it's super cute~ It's so interesting to see that what was popular in our parent's generations are coming back! lol <3

  10. you are too cute, Nikkie! I can't believe you found that in your mom's closet. it's super chic! I love how fashion trends make cycles (sometimes I shop in my mom's closet too hehe).
    I haven't made any shopping hauls in a while, trying to save money :/ But hopefully one day soon :)

  11. LOVING this outfit!! What a fun take on a crop top and even more awesome that it's "vintage."

    It looks like you also scored some really great finds!

    xo Jackie

    Something About That

  12. love love love the outfit, the skirt is awesome and you did such a fab job styling it! and ooo love what you bought!


    ♥ Ellen #NZblogger


    Facebook + Instagram

  13. Lots loveeee for this outfit! Everything is going great on you! The denim jacket and the skirts are so lovely. Well sometimes mom's wardrobe is our fashion savior :P

    Love from meee <3

  14. Beautiful look, simple and stylish at the same time. You´re lucky one to find the amazing crop top into your mom´s wardrobe. Lovely skirt and the shoes are breath-taking. :)
    Fashion Happenss

  15. You look great as usual c: Nice skirt and crop top!
    And those bra's are super bargain!! Xx

  16. Kathleen Harper25 July 2014 at 14:44

    So pretty - love your maxi skirt. It looks perfect with this denim jacket. Have a beautiful weekend!

  17. I like so much the outfit. Love your shoes and the crop top!
    Check my last post


  18. haha your mom must have been so stylish! I found a crop top in my mom's closet before too - she was definitely chic back in her day ;)

  19. love your outfit so much!

  20. Cute! love the plaid sneakers!!

  21. You look really adorable... my latest outfit post is actually very similar to this - black, white, and denim - classic combo that always work. the denim addition made this outfit really cooler and that's what I love about the whole look. great shopping picks too!

    xo, Carla

  22. Very cute outfit! I wish I could pull off long flowy skirts as well...
    Maria //

  23. This is a cute look dear. I love how you incorprate the denim top with the maxi skirt hope you can check my blog too we can follow each other if you like =) hugs

  24. Great outfit! Love the skirt so much :) I love your blog and would love to stay in touch via GFC! Let me know what you think and have a wonderful day lovely!



    La Celestials

  25. I love that crop top! I like borrowing clothes from my mom's closet too, hahahha. And nice new shoes! gahhh I really need walking shoes too. I wear converse but they can get uncomfortable if I walk for a lot of hours :/

  26. Madara Lieciniece28 July 2014 at 01:38

    Haha it is so interesting and funny a bit, that the fashion that our momes wore back in their days and the fashion we are wearing right now is so similar! Crop tops are definitely a huge trend right now! And you are definitely rocking yours & I believe your mom rocked it too! :)
    Great outfit sweetie!

  27. It's a trend in fashion. Cropped tops have come back to life from the 80's, or was it the 90's? I can't really remember. Ha! I think your midi skirt is perfectly matched with your cropped top. And I love your block heel boots. I also love the skater shoes. Totally rockin.

    Great post dear. Would you like to follow each other via gfc or bloglovin?

  28. So cute the crop top! Especially since it's your moms. :) I love it being paired with a longer lace skirt. :) You have a new follower~

    Love, Aimee

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  29. haha I can't imagine my mum ever having a crop top either! it looks great on you with the skirt <3

  30. Wow, love how you styled the old school crop top. Looks fabulous, and your shoes totally bring the look together. I will be following your blog from now on through G+! Hope you will check mine out and follow me back as well. Awesome blog!


  31. Yes to crop tops! And also to those badass boots. I like how tying the jacket around your waist breaks up the outfit and fits perfectly in between the waistlines of the top and skirt. I also wear old granny walking shoes around---we can't always be in heels!

    Another Beautiful Thing

  32. Followed :) Stay in touch!

  33. Call Us Whatever28 July 2014 at 15:59

    very vintage looking,

    New Post: STROLL



  34. Style_Me_Annie28 July 2014 at 18:41

    So cute! Love the crop top with that skirt and the denim is the perfect touch. You're mom must be a stylish lady. I always steal my mom's clothes.

    xo Annie

    New England Romance

  35. You look gorgeous Nicole! I love your skirt so much, you did such a great job styling it.. very unique too. :) Love the contrast of dark and light. Great new items you picked out.. I'm loving the adorable bras! :)

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xx

  36. Bahaha, I borrow from my mom's closet all the time as well. There always seems to be something new in there each time I go! Yours must really be style-savvy though--a classic and trendy black crop top is such a versatile find!

    I really love how you've been pairing these edgy crops lately--the moon one was perfect with that pop of color in the plaid shirt and this one goes so well with that white midi skirt. You certainly know how to make something that's more exposing super classy, Nikkie! I definitely see this as a back-to-school look too--and hey, no more high school dress code! Loving that shoulder bag as well--they're my go-to.

    Ahh, what a great haul and also perfect for back to school. Those bras were really a steal and are super cute! Wish I could find some like those here haha. And what great edgy kicks! Can't wait to see the final pair :) As for hauls, I've actually been quite judicious in fashion shopping lately and only picking up basics, but I've definitely spent plenty of money on college gear...and probably will do so until I move in! It's intimidating that it's so soon but it's also exciting! Cheers to us soon-to-be freshmen :)

  37. Oh, and your sweet comments always make me smile! You're such a gem :) In reply to your question about thrifting, they don't smell too bad, but the conglomeration of all the different worn clothes scents can be overpowering. Some stores are better than others, and you definitely get used to it after awhile! I seriously recommend thrifting if you've never gone though--it's a fun adventure :)

  38. You look perfect doll, I love your mum's top and how you styled it with the midi skirt! Following you via gfc, hope you can stop by and follow back if you like my blog :-)
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  39. Love the skirt so much, it is very beautiful.

  40. Love this outfit! You're looking cute as always! But I would love to know where you got that beautiful skirt from?

    Tragic Couturist


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