Thursday, 10 July 2014

"An Experimental Beauty Haul"

Hey everyone! As I'll be leaving Edmonton for London, Ontario (nope, not the one in England), I started buying lots of beauty products in preparation. This haul was from last week's, featuring Sephora and The Face Shop.

Entire haul! 
The Face Shop: 3D Ampule Mask, Model Gel Patch, Rasberry Roots Collagen Eye Patch, black gel liner, Design My Eyebrow Dark Grey, Avocado Body lotion, 
I've bought most of these to try since I've never used them before in my whole seventeen years so far, haha. I'm actually really excited to try the Model Gel Patch for the smile and the Rasberry Roots Collagen Eye Patch (though I wanted the Bright Eyes Modelling Gel Patch, but it sold out). I also love the smell of the Avocado body lotion- love smoothing it over my skin right after I shower! I'm also still experimenting with the eyebrow pencil- it's really soft and it gives a nice colour to my eyebrows, though I'll probably opt in for a brown one next time instead of dark grey. 
Sephora: silver pencil eyeliner, black waterproof liquid eyeliner, daily makeup brush cleaner
 I seriously didn't even know there were brush cleaners out there! And I decided to get a silver pencil eyeliner for a tint of sparkle and colour for the eye.  

Claire's: ear cuff 
My friend got me a small little present for our meet up that day. I have never worn an ear cuff before and it looks so fun- I can't wait to try wearing it!  

 Hopefully I'll find a few products useful so I can then splurge on them in the next few weeks before I leave for university! 

Thanks for reading! 

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