Thursday, 31 October 2013

The Spookiest Night of the Year- Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone!!

Hope you all had an awesome day because I sure did have fun! I woke up extra early to get ready for Halloween! Although I was a little late for school, it was a fun day. There was so many Halloween activities organized in our school. There was a Halloween fashion show that people could sign up for- as always, the fashion show never lets me down! There were Power Rangers, Teletubbies, a Katniss Everdeen, and more interesting and funny people! There was one guy who was dressed up as the Pope and he was just hilarious as he walked down the stage, doing all sorts of symbols and actions! The teachers were all vampires and they were just funny. We also had photobooths, free cotton candy and popcorn. All in all, a pretty awesome day in school!

What do you think I am for Halloween?

If you guessed.. Gothic Girl- you're right! 

~*Congrats- you just won yourself an unlimited supply of air!*~

My thigh high socks over my tights!

Outfit Details

Costume: Bought somewhere around 2 years ago
Thigh High Socks: Walmart
Heels: Bought in China

Anyway, these photo was taken right after school for me- around 3 hours ago. Right now the sky is so dark but it's so bright with the street lights and the houses' decorations! 

Oops, be right back!

Back- the doorbell just can't stop ringing after 6pm, haha! It's so fun to see kids so excited for candy! I'm blogging while passing out candy right beside the door- how efficient, correct? 

With less than 2 months before my 17th birthday, I still go trick-or-treating and love it! Furthermore, I went this year with my 2 cute cousins (a one-year old and a three-year old) so I can't be blamed for being too old to trick-or-treat, can I? :) Hehe! It was so much fun but windy and chilly!

Check out our stash of junk! 
As you can see from half of my one-year old cousin's leg, she was a tiger for Halloween.
Boy, I think these can last me a whole year! :D 

How was your Halloween? Have a good week everyone!

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Vaseline & Secret Beauty Tips

Hi everyone! The weather is getting chillier and whenever Fall/Winter strikes Edmonton, the weather is always cold and dry-making my hands dry easily and easily get wrinkled. So, every night I always smear on this amazing product-Vaseline- before I fall asleep!

Vaseline is one of my favorite products- it's inexpensive (although the prices are slowly increasing every year) and it moisturizers your hands well. In addition, you don't need to smear on a whole lot for it to be effective.



As you can see, Vaseline is a little sticky. I suggest using your fourth finger (the ring finger) to smear on this "lotion". Although it is somewhat uncomfortable to be sleeping in bed with sticky hands, but the results make it so worth it!! My hands feel moisturized, smooth and just amazing overnight! :D Love this product! It takes me approximately around maybe 6 months to finish this one Vaseline case (there are also products in different sizes) and it's pretty affordable - I saw it on sale in London Drugs the other day for only like $2. Other retail locations such as Superstore and Shoppers Drug Mart sell them for around $4-6.

Vaseline doesn't only work effectively on your hands- they can also be superior on your feet and your lips! I always put them on my lips too every night before I sleep. ;) I strongly recommend anyone to use this! It doesn't have any odor to it and it is great for people like me who has sensitive skin too!

Anyway, I was talking with my friends the other day about lotions and apparently they've never heard of Vaseline before, which was super surprising to me. I thought it was a well known brand. Did you ever hear of it before?

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!xxx


Monday, 14 October 2013

Thanksgiving Outfits

"A chicken stuffed in a duck jammed in a turkey. A turducken. It's like a barnyard in a bite." - Glee

Hi everyone! I hope you're all enjoying your Thanksgiving weekend... unfortunately it's ending tomorrow and starting with Blue Tuesday. Look at the bright side- at least it'll be a shorter week with 4 weekdays, right? Anyway, hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving with your family.

Here are 3 outfits that you could wear for any Thanksgiving (or any semi-formal) event!

P.S.: This is going to be a loong post! Prepare yourself a cup of coffee or tea and start reading and sipping!

Outfit #1

I layered the lace top over the black dress- who knew the dress looked like a really nice pleated skirt? Then I belted it for a more polished look plus I tied the belt into a knot since it was so long!

Ha! I actually bargained for these flats for only $6 when I was in China. I love bargaining! It's so fun! Maybe I should do a blog post about tips for bargaining! :)

Outfit Details

Lace Top: Forever 21
Black Dress: Cute Outfits Online (here)
Belt: Bought in China
Flats: Bought in China
Bag: Dior

Outfit #2

I love this dress! Got it during the Labor Sales Weekend when visiting San Diego just last month! It's such a nice, comfy dress with really nice quality. The Labor Day Weekend? Did you check out Forever 21? Love it when they have 50% off sale items! Double discounts mean double the savings, meaning double the shopping!!

 Outfit Details

Dress: Forever 21
Heels: Guess
Bag: Dior

 Outfit #3


Outfit Details

Cardigan: Cute Outfits Online (here)
Cowl Sweater: Banana Republic
Floral Skirt: Urban Planet
Belt: Bargained from China
Shoes:Boutique from Hong Kong
Bag: Fendi

Thankful of...

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the outfits! I sure had a great Thanksgiving weekend, even though I was not studying a lot as I should have been.. but everyone needs a break, right? Going to be back in study mode and working hard mode as soon as I finish blogging! :) Anyway, Thanksgiving is all about being thankful and celebrating that with family and friends. I'm really thankful of my family. I can always get their support and help when I need it. Plus, my siblings are always keeping me company. You can never be bored in my house. I'm also really grateful of friends who have my back. I'm thankful of living right now- being healthy, able to go to school, capable of doing so many things, and having freedom. There's so many things to be thankful of and whenever I'm feeling down or negative, I just got to remind myself that life is good. 

So, hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! 

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Hi. You Just Met a Freak.

 Introducing me.. a freak! Or at least the theme of this outfit shall revolve around the idea of a freak. Am I a freak? You be the judge. 

Autumn is one of my favorite seasons for layering and all sorts of fun stuff like that. It's already getting chilly here in Edmonton! Thin layers of frost is everywhere. I'm a little excited for snow! We've got a four day long weekend from school for a PD Day and Thanksgiving so I think it's time for more productivity and save my procrastination for later.

I layered my "FREAK" sweater over my romper. The "FREAK" sweater is actually really long for me - even though it's in XS Size, so I cropped it for an edgier look. 

I love this Eiffel Tower Watch! Got it from a friend who bought it in Taiwan. One day (very soon), I will definitely head to Paris and take pics with the Eiffel Tower! You be waiting for that blog post!! I also love how the watch has a ticking sound to it. People might think it's annoying but I love it. I listen to it, sometimes even more frequently than I listen to the pop songs on my iPod Touch.

I'm a nature lover! Tried climbing the tree...didn't work out so well. How do people get up there? 
Someone should teach me how.

Here is my Urban Jungle Slouchy Beanie I crocheted. This was actually one that I crocheted for my sister last year but out of all the other colors of the beanies I crocheted, this one was perfect for the outfit, so I stole it for today! I'll be making a tutorial on how to create your own beanie like this soon! Even more, I'm going to teach you all how to crochet- from scratch, and in the easiest way possible so you can all understand and love crochet and the crochet language! :) Stay tuned!

Outfit Details:
Sweater- Cotton On
Romper- Cotton On
Watch- Gift from friend via Taiwan
Beanie- DIY 
Boots-  boutique in Hong Kong

Anyway, thanks so much for reading and have a Happy Thanksgiving weekend!! :) 

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