Tuesday, 31 December 2013

New Years- New Hope

We are now at the end of this magnificent year of 2013! It's amazing how the years just come and go.. it's almost a little hard to keep up with them! I can't wait for the year of 2014... I hope I can accomplish more and get more out of it. 

Today I'm channeling my inner girly with this chiffon pleated dress I bought from China for around $15-$20. Matching it with this structured jacket/blazer to polish this outfit (which also has a cute shiny piece of accessory attached on the left of it). Tights for winter and my velvet booties I mentioned from my last post that I got for only $15. 

Outfit Details

Dress- China
Booties- Stitches

I know I've promised to show my haul, so here are some of the pieces I've picked out: 

Chiffon Polka Dots Overalls- Forever 21 for $27.50
Sparkly Sweater- Garage for $10
Knit Pullover- Aeropostale for $16

Kenneth Cole watch gifted from my Mom for Christmas. I received some lovely gifts from my family and friends you will be seeing in my next few posts. :) I had a wonderful Christmas as I spent it with my family and it was great to give and receive, but most importantly, to send quality time with each other.

A whole ton sure happened in 2013, and I've learned a lot through experience. I've got a feeling 2014 will be a better year for all of us. Happy New Years everyone! I hope you and your family will all stay healthy and happy. Stay safe!

Lots of Love,


Monday, 30 December 2013

Black and Burgundy

On Saturday, I finally got the chance to hang out with one of my good friends! Apparently, we didn't go out once at all ever since we met during grade 10. So we decided to spend a day of our winter break to meet up. Saturday afternoon, we took the city down to West Edmonton Mall and watched a movie- Frozen. We were a little late since we were still munching on food in the Food Court when the showtime started. I didn't expect so many people to be at theater at all, but it was packed! The only seats available for two seats side by side were at the very front of the theater, which you have to literally tilt your head at least 45 degrees to watch the movie! We ended up splitting apart and watching the movie separately for better viewing of the movie. The movie was really good and I enjoyed the songs in the movie! There was just so many humorous and cute parts in the movie. I'd suggest this movie to anyone of any age!  

For a comfy and casual look, I effortlessly layered a black tribal cardigan from SammyDress over a burgundy top. Loving the colour contrast between the burgundy and black. I think burgundy is especially a perfect colour for fall or winter because of the dramatic, rich vibes it seems to express.  Wearing this shorts for a more structured look with my tights and these velvet booties I bought from my last shopping trip!

Can you believe how much I got these beautiful boots from Stitches for? Only $15! Technically, almost $25, since they had a ''Buy 1, Get 1 $15'' Sale. My sister got a pair of boots for $30 so these came in $15, totaling almost $50. The booties feel soft as they are made of velvet. I love the lace-up vintage design too. 

Outfit Details

Black Tribal Cardigan- Sammydress
Denim Shorts- Urban Planet
Velvet Booties- Stitches

Thanks for reading!

Lots of Love,


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Monday, 23 December 2013

Warm Tones of Colours

Santa's coming to town tonight- are you on the good or naughty list? My parents (and grandparents when my parents were out of town) had done a terrific job of allowing me and my siblings to believe in Santa. I only found out the horrid truth when I was almost in third or fourth grade. I wish I still believed Santa was real- at least I'd think there would be a miracle in this world. If I had kids in the future, I'd definitely love to play the role of Santa! Why not bring some magic to some child's world? :)

Anyway, this winter break I need to spend more time with my family and friends as I've been extremely busy during the school year. Today me and my sisters headed down to Southgate Mall for some shopping for ourselves. It was quite a successful but tiring trip. I layered on my black fur vest from Material Girl over my purple striped sweater. In addition, the black dress from CuteOutfitsOnline acted as a great skirt. We left with only one bag each person (I successfully resisted myself from buying too much) and with a growling stomach!

On that note, we headed to Mikado restaurant to have some Japanese food for lunch! Here are some shots of our dishes! 

Mmm.. yummy Dragon Eyes sushi!
Bento Box A-4: consisting of Tempura, Chicken Teriyaki, Beef Shoga-yaki, and Green Salad & Rice (I had this one!)

Deluxe Bento Box- Sashimi, Chicken Teriyaki, Ebi-fry and Fish-fry, Salmon Teriyaki, Green Salad, and Rice and Miso Soup

A1 Bento Box- Sashimi, Chicken Teriyaki, Tempura, and Green Salad & Rice

Despite us sisters each having a different bento box, we still shared amongst ourselves. I especially loved the Dragon's Eye and tempura a lot. The Chicken Teriyaki was delicious too! The customer service was really good and the waiting time wasn't too long. I've been to Mikado a few times and really enjoyed it! The final price of our bill totaled almost $90CAD.

After leaving with a full stomach, we went to Winners (where I bought a shirt) and then Home Sense. I loove Home Sense because it's like Ikea, filled with all these perfect home designs and layouts that you wished you could live in each and every one of these comfortable designed rooms!
The couch was too comfy I fell asleep.. zzZZZ
Anyway, I'll be sure to show you my small haul from today on another post! :) Thanks for reading!

Lots of Love,


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Saturday, 21 December 2013

Let the Brake Begin!

Good morning peeps! Yesterday was finally, the last day of school for us for 2013! We can all finally take a "brake" and rest up plus catch up on school work to prepare for final exams in January (not looking foward to that)! 

Anyway, yesterday was really an amazing day. We basically had no classes the entire day- we had "Muffins and Music" in the morning (an event where you can enjoy some muffins while listening to live music from our amazing band students), and then there was "Shep's Got Talent"- our annual talent show. Seriously, I've gotta say, our school has got some talent.. these people are going to become celebrities in the future, haha! I was so proud of my friends this year for joining! And guess what? One of my friends won first place! She sang a song from Disney and her voice was absolutely amazing. Everyone else who sang had an amazing voice too. We also had people perform b-boxing, break dancing, and there was even someone who brought in their adorable puppy and had a little skit going on! :) By the end of the talent show, I was worn out from screaming and cheering. 

On to today's look! I tried to match the colour of my beanie I crocheted with my lime-black scarf I got from Aeropostale around a year ago. This amazingly warm jacket from Simons (around $200) is perfect for winter! These boots were purchased from almost 3 years ago, I believe... I don't remember where I got them from but I loved them and I still enjoy wearing it! 

Outfit Details

Jacket- Simons
Beanie- DIY
Scarf- Aeropostale
Jeans- Aeropostale

The weather may look slightly warm, but my hands were freezing! What crazy weather we have in Edmonton, hey? It limits the choices we have of clothing sometimes! :(

Anyway, let's all cheer for winter break, shall we? Get your body charged with rest, start actually accomplishing things, and planning new year resolutions and plans! Are you guys heading anywhere for this winter break? Unfortunately, while my friends are all going to cruises and travelling to different destinations, I'll be stuck at home maybe studying, but also blogging lots and more! :) Let's be efficient this break.

Thanks for reading!

Lots of Love,


Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Polka Dots and Laces

Hey everyone! As the weather outside is getting so frightful, it's a tad bit hard for me to take pictures without freezing too death outside, so I'm beginning to take more shots where there's a roof above my head. For today's look, I decided to go for the more feminine look with laces (who doesn't like laces?!) and polka dots, plus a slightly ruffled skirt and tights! 

For a girly look, I layered my collared polka dots shirt over my laced top (with ribbons on the elbow, too). Then, paired it up with a high-waist skirt and some tights. The warm tones of the colours make the outfit look feminine and petite, so just to spice things up I added in my bold edgy brown boots bought from Hong Kong.

Outfit Details

Lace Long Sleeve Top- Bought from Hong Kong
Polka Dots Shirt- Bought from China
Boots- Bought from Hong Kong

Thanks for reading! :)



Monday, 16 December 2013

17 and Blue Plaid Cloak

17 & Blue Plaid Cloak

Greetings lovelies from cold, cold, and snowy Edmonton! I'm sorry for being MIA (missing in action) for such a long time! The lack of posts has also been killing me! Finally, this week, I got a chance to settle down from my schoolwork and other business to continue blogging! :)

During the past weekend, I celebrated my 17th birthday with my family and friends. When I got to school on Friday morning, I had quite a lovely surprise!

(Here is a glimpse of "behind-the-scenes" sent to me by my friends just last night!)

Isn't it amazing? The decorations on my locker just made me love my locker 10x more! 

I also received a Mary Kay makeup pouch from my Mom! Yippee! 
Along with the Mary Kay pouch, my Mom got me a set of five quality brushes, mascara, lip gloss, etc., as shown above.

Anyway, here's my outfit for this cold day!

This cape was a tad pricey, but I need to say, it was a well spent purchase! I love the blue plaid pattern on this gorgeous, high quality wool cape. It's also actually very warm, believe it or not. It just makes me feel more elegant and mature, which is totally fine since I had just grew a year older just this weekend! The black Louis Vuitton bag also blends in well with the whole colour of the theme of this outfit. 

Outfit Details

Blue Plaid Cape- EDIT BY Jeanne Beker
Bag- Louis Vuitton
Booties- Hong Kong Boutique

Anyway, Christmas break is coming up soon! What are your plans for this long 2 week holiday? I always look forward to Christmas! Also, did you watch the video about WestJet Christmas Miracle yet? If not, you better watch it now! WestJet, a Canadian airplane company, brought a Christmas miracle to a flight. It's so touching I was tearing up a bit.




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