Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Summer OOTD ! & First-Year University Reflection!

Ello ello! So I said I would be back and here I am, haha (yeah, like 1 month later.. ;_;)! 

Well, anyway, the uni life post that I was promising is here! HERE!  I actually don't have that strong urge anymore to post about this topic in particular because of my poor memory...

But as most cliches have it- the show must go on! *sits up straight*

The outfit for today- a light cotton blue shirt, feeling cool under the blazing sun! Adding some pops of orange to the outfit with my bag and these heels! ;)

Don't forget sun glasses during the summer- they help protect your eyes from the terrible UV rays; too important: if there is something you must take away from today's post, it is to wear sunglasses- even during the winter because of snow (you can get blinded by the sharp white colour if you stare at it too long)! 

What were your thoughts before you went into university? 
To be honest, it didn't quite hit me that I was departing to eastern Canada until 2 nights before my flight to London, Ontario. I was laying in bed, going to sleep, and I was like, oh my... in two more nights I'll lying in a dorm in an unknown place with a roommate. I actually started panicking really hard and tried to do mental preparation, which I suppose did help- my transition was actually not too bad; I was absorbing everything splurging my way! I did break down when I was heading back to school after I went home for Christmas break. Anyway, I didn't give much thought about it, and I think it was mainly because I was avoiding the topic of going somewhere else by myself (well, my Mom came with me to help prepare, but that was it), while everyone else I knew basically stayed in town for their career or life, whatnot.

Truth be told, I suppose I did for maybe some split seconds, think I'd magically transform into this super outgoing person with a million new friends, having a great time, living the college life! 
Reality? I guess not.. haha.. ended up studying some Friday nights while the party music upstairs start booming at roughly 10pm. 
Mostly, I was hoping to continue to be involved within campus and to make sure my life was balanced with school, socializing, and all that, while being happy and healthy. 

Did you meet your expectations for university?
Maybe I could have if I specified my goals and actually aimed at them, coming up with plans and more. I definitely enjoyed the experience, even though there were lots of downs and ups- if I stayed in town, I wouldn't have cultivated this new mindset I have fostered which opened me up. I am so incredibly blessed to have this experience (though not yet excited or ready for school again in September, haha). In the end, just go with the flow! Everything seemingly worked out fine and I have learned a lot.

Tie a knot on the ends of the shirt for an edgier, more nonchalant feel! 

Any tips?

  • Get your butt out of your comfort zone! Join a club and go to sessions, even by yourself, if nobody wants to do it with you. You get to meet some great people, have a great time, and you will feel fulfilled/feel that your university experience is at least worthwhile with this activity! 
  • Balance your life! University isn't just about studying- as said above, maybe join a club, make a club, get a job for the experience (and extra cash should help with your tuition, no?), and do something different, something you would normally not do! Why not study abroad? Consider things you would normally not think about!
  • Prepare... for the unexpected! There are times when a door will close- you were rejected for a position, you don't do as well as you expect in school, or if your relationships are getting weak. Embrace these "down-times"- when a door closes, more doors open: more opportunities and space for improvements. Don't stop.. believing!
I might sound super positive, like I totally nailed all of these, but nope! There were times when I missed an opportunity, I was afraid to take the leap, but I won't regret it, rather I'll embrace the chance for me to reflect and learn!

Until next time! :) I hope you are all enjoying your summer! 
What lessons have you learned from this year? 
Any reflections or thoughts you'd like to share? I got my ears open for you! Leave your blurb below!


  1. What a cute outfit. Love how casual and playful it is :)

    xo Azu

  2. Hello, Nikkie! So good to see you back. It's always awesome to have people going through similar experiences in the blogosphere--I really resonate with some of these, particularly the expectation that you're supposed to change a lot in college. At the end of the year, I really didn't feel as if I had changed at all. I still studied hard and did a lot fo the same activities. It was a different environment for sure, with different challenges and experiences, but in essence, I haven't really changed. And that's not necessarily a bad thing if you're happy with who you are and what you're doing to keep growing.

    Also, right on about moving away. It was really hard for me to move over 700 miles away for college, but I'm ultimately so grateful that I get the chance to know a new part of the world and meet new people from all over the country.

    Let's maximize our school years and of course this summer! Also, you're looking great--I especially like the pop of color from those shoes!

    Much love!

    imperfect idealist

  3. I am so glad that my two favorite Asian college-blogger friends, you and Lily lol, are back at it for the summer! It is interesting to look back at my first year of college after so much hype of it. I totally agree that I expected to change into this out-going, crazy person in college too. I guess, it didn't happen although I think that if I found myself a group of friends more similar to me and my interests, I think that I would have been more outgoing! I hope you had a great first year! Although it sounds like there were lessons to be learned, you still had a memorable time! :)
    Super cute outfit, by the way! I love the way you tied your shirt. Tying your shirt is a great trick to add a twist to your outfit. Love the last picture of you too-you have a happy smile :) Can't wait to hear from you soon!
    Olivia |

  4. Kathleen Harper24 June 2015 at 20:19

    You look just beautiful! Love your sandals!


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