Friday, 31 July 2015

Spending the summer with books.. as if all those textbooks weren't enough during the school year!

I loove reading. Even textbooks (as long as they're interesting! Psychology? Yes! Economics? Gulp...).

Let's talk books that I've read so far during the summer! Squeezing time in between full-time work, French class, piano theory class (and studying for it), and above all, helping get groceries with my newly received driver's license and spending time with family, I had a chance to read two books! What an achievement, hey? Haha.

As you've heard, it was a hectic summer so far, so no photos for this post (at least, no photos taken by me)! Just reading- how does that sound for a blog post about books? ;)

Book #1: Quiet by Susan Cain

I loved and enjoyed her TEDtalk: The Power of Introverts so I knew I had to get ahold of her book! This book is almost a must-read- whether you are a self-declared introvert or extrovert. After reading this book, I can be more proud and confident about being a half-introvert. This book doesn't just describe the pros (and cons) of being an introvert, it also gives insight to how you can make your whole life easier and fulfilling for yourself just by doing the smallest things: for example, introverts may feel obligated to attend all those parties and accept the party invitations coming in every week. A tip brought up in the book suggests limiting yourself by suggesting a number of parties you will go perhaps every month and stick to it. It will make you feel a lot more comfortable about rejecting the others because you have already achieved your maximum! There are also tips for introverts on networking and other things.

This is not only a great book for extroverts to get to understand introverts- but useful for introverts to get to know themselves and not be ashamed of those occasional tingly feelings of wanting to be by themselves elsewhere during a party. 

Book #2: Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead by Sheryl Sandberg

Also a must-read for anyone- a similar style to Quiet, this book draws forward to encouraging women to "lean in"- taking action to lead the life they want without being criticized or held back because of their gender, and encouraging men to understanding the gender inequality gap that still exists after years of slowly becoming narrow and also giving tips to how they can lean in.. to the kitchen table. 

She also spoke about the issue of not enough women leaders and the topic of feminism on TedTalk.

I would strongly recommend both of these books to anyone- a real good read to understand and know about the people around us (and/or ourselves), plus understanding and closing the gender gap!   

Another book I am going to start reading before school kicks in in September is by Dale Carnegie. I'll be sharing my thoughts on it after I've finished it or during my read- I've read some online reviews and most of them sound great! Plus, it was recommended by my business teacher. Of course, right when I borrowed it from the library, I expected my sister to be sneaking around and reading my books. She gave me a thumbs-up on this book, so I have a pretty darn good feeling about this upcoming one!

I hope you've got some books on your shelves that you can grab and dive into excitement when you have the need to kill some time or entertain yourself! :) And of course, I don't just love reading books, I can't wait to catch up on some blogs!

Let me know your thoughts on the books in the comments below or share some books that you've been reading or if you have any recommendations for me! 


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