Monday, 18 May 2015

Summer To-Do List

Hello everyone! I’ve been itching to blog for the longest time!! I have so much to spill, I don’t think one blog post will suffice, so I’ll be posting more soon! Yahoo. Anyway, this blog post shall be a compilation of my summer to-do list and a quick update on my life thus far and hopefully I’ll get another post up soon about my university experience- what I enjoyed about it, what I didn’t, and tips for people trailing in my footsteps! 

And just in case you all forgot my face.. here it is! Thank lord for being back home and having my awesome brother here to help me take pictures! ;) 

Look at the view of Edmonton's downtown at the background! ;)

So I bought this top at a Chinese mall in Markham, Toronto for my sisters back in February when visiting some relatives, but they declined my offer (sob) and I was actually doubting my fashion taste for awhile.

I thought this would be a perfect outfit for work (or at least my current intern position- more details about it coming soon! :D), especially with some tights!

    So I arrived home roughly three weeks ago and I compiled a huge list of “must-do’s for this summer” during the flight home- it’s really exciting but there's a part of me that's like really? will I get anything done? So allow me to blog about it so I'll feel the pressure to complete it! ;) And without further ado, here’s my list:
  •  Get my driver’s license. I was holding up on doing the written exam (learner’s license) for years, until my Mom said to me “let’s go” so we went to the driver’s registry and I passed the test! ;D now to get my driver’s license.. then I can drive my Grandma around and it’ll be so helpful since I have to bus to work and it takes an hour to get to work from home (plus I will no longer have panic attacks about missing the busses)!
  • Get braces. It’s scheduled- my appointment is next Wednesday! I feel like I’m the late one to the party. Everyone around me had gotten braces in junior high and high school and their results are already showing. Better late than never, right? I’ll let you guys know about my braces experience if anyone is interested!
  • Learn French. Okay, so, Canada is a bilingual country- official language of English and French. Got to know Francais okay?! And it sounds so sophisticated too… fashion/outfit bloggers’ “must learn” in order to fit with our classy selves.. hah.
  • Continue playing the piano! Totally need to catch up on piano after not touching it for almost a year! It’s so hard to find a teacher though.. been phoning a lot of people…  most of them are at the other end of town or they don’t teach grade 9 RCM. Anyone teaching piano?! Anyone?!
  • Read! And not textbooks.. although some are interesting, specifically my awesome Psychology textbook! Taking Psychology class definitely changed my perspective about Psychology. Love that course- it has so much information on your health, stress, sleep, and much more. Psychology ain’t about reading people’s minds or hypnotizing them apparently...  So, back on track, did anyone read “Quiet” by Susan Caine? Reading it at the moment! :D
  • Blog more! Heck yes! One of the main reasons I didn’t blog as much as I'd hoped was because it’s hard to take pictures especially when I didn’t bring my camera over there. 
  • Spend more time with family and friends! I’m so happy to be back home to see my family! I missed them bunches when I was 3 provinces away from them! Plus, I have already re-connected with some friends who I thought forgotten about me, haha.. good to know people are still aware of my existence!
So, enough about my fantasies about getting this whole list checked, right? What am I currently doing? Working! I’m currently a summer student intern at an accounting company. I can totally feel the OL (office lady) atmosphere in my workplace, like the dramas or TV shows; I will pull up a post about it soon! ;D

Home Sweet Home! <3

That’s it for now! What’s on your “summer to-do’s” or “must accomplish” list for the summer? Reading? Travelling? Anything!! Just list some below! ;) 


  1. Hey Nikkie! Oh it is so amazing to see you blogging again! I got worried that I wouldn't ever see you again when I couldn't access your blog this year. But I'm so glad that you are back and looking cute as ever! I love that sweater so much-it's cool that you got it at Toronto! Might be visiting there in a couple of weeks. Sounds like a great summer to-do list! I hope you had a fabulous first year of college and I can't wait to hear more about it and your internship. Let's keep in touch, okay? :)

  2. Kathleen Harper2 June 2015 at 22:01

    Great outfit, I love your printed sweater! So stylish.

  3. omygawd! you're having braces! (: i've done it before, and girl, you don't need to worry anything about pain, it's all worth it (: by the way good luck in learning French, i'm never good in foreign language, my japanese is still half hanging haha, and i think that outfit looks fine for your intern work (: i should start my to-do list too haha

  4. Hii Olivia! Haha, don't worry about that!! I am back:) thanks so much for your lovely compliments as always! I hope you enjoy Toronto if you do head there during summer- check out London if you can, haha! ;) Definitely keeping in touch! Take care!

  5. Haha, thanks for the encouragement, Ann! It's been one month and I can see progress already! Woohoo! Yay, I'm excited to see your to-do list :3 take care~


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