Wednesday, 11 February 2015

To tell or Not During the Process...

     Hi everyone! So today's topic (or this week, or this month.. or, should I say until the next post, which hopefully shall be soon) is simply about telling people about what you're up to. The title actually takes more than a sentence to explain... hear me out on this! So, ever had that feeling when you are facing a struggle or you're in the process of something and you don't want to let anyone know about it until you're 100% confident about it or until you win? So, I sort of did that during the past few weeks.

     I was in an election for being a Social Science Students' Councillor, a part of the university's student council, and there were only 10 positions available for next year whilst there were 17 people running for it. I knew this was going to be a big part of my university experience if I made it, and I was really wondering if I should let my blogger friends (yes, you, reading this!) and readers (you, again! :P) to know about this! Why wouldn't I? Well, of course, I usually don't like to let people in the nose of what I'm trying to achieve because for one thing, what if I fail? Everyone will laugh at me! Everyone will know that I tried but didn't make it- it'll be embarrassing! Unfortunately, that was part of why I didn't want to spread this news.. not even to my fellow friends back in Edmonton... and guess what? practically everyone in Edmonton knew about it because of Facebook (never doubt Facebook's ability to let everyone in on the gossip...). Anyway, even my Mom knew about it from Facebook and suddenly a bunch of people "Facebook liked" the creation of my event! I felt so embarrassed and panicky because I suddenly had more pressure to win- from family and friends across Canada!

     So a quick run-through: this campaign really taught me a lot and I met a lot of different people and I'm so glad that I ran this campaign- I forced myself to talk to strangers and it was really a great experience. Even though I spent hours running from buildings to buildings by myself, hanging posters at like 8 in the morning, finding those election boards in each building, and even though I came back to my dormitory late at night just so I could pass out some campaign material and inform students of my platform at the library, it was all worth it because it was a great learning experience. I felt so much support from friends and halfway through it (this campaign lasted two weeks, ending just on Monday), my embarrassment and panicky feeling and pressure from family and friends in Edmonton actually became heart-warming to me and became supporting. I was so glad that they got to know about it during the process, because my heart really warmed up when my Mom and Grandma encouraged me- and what really made my heart flutter was when they said it is okay if I don't get the position, because it'll be a great experience. I already knew this "quote" or should I say this "learning experience theory" since forever ago, but when they said it, it really touched the bottom of my heart and I didn't have as much pressure anymore.

     Today was elections' night at 8:30pm, where they had revealed the newly elected representatives for next year. I had a night class from 7-9pm, so I sort of used that excuse to avoid the elections' ceremony, because I was afraid of facing it. You remember my last post about trying not to compare yourself to others? I tried not to. My Facebook event only had 35 people "going" to it while my competitors all had at least 100+. I did feel a bit down, but I tried to look at the bright side of the 35 people who supported me.

Wow, that was a long paragraph... I guess it's true: the process is the most important part, rather than the ending, because the ending would either be a yes, I won the election or a no, I didn't win.. but it was a great experience. 

 Is the ending the most important than the process? Did you guys ever struggled with the idea of telling friends/family/readers of your blog what you're going through?

I'll let you enjoy my campaign posters (the real ones had words over it, of course)!

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