Sunday, 29 June 2014

Feet Care Products from TheFaceShop

Hello everyone! My last exam ended just a few days ago- on Wednesday- and it's already hard to believe I won't be able to walk down that same hallway, see the amazing people flood the school, and learn from those positive and wise teachers anymore. I spent these past few weeks studying for exams and diplomas, and I can tell you that hard work (but make sure it's also quality work) pays off! Next year, I'll be attending university and I sure hope it won't be a big jump from high school! To top that off, I won't be attending my hometown university I was always determined to go to- instead, I will be heading down to another province in Canada! Hopefully it will be a memorable and great experience. 

Anyway, it's been quite awhile since a beauty post.. and since I could finally do some shopping these days (as I'm less busy, but still have events packed in these 2 months), I decided to share my recent two purchases from TheFaceShopIt's a Korean beauty store that sells beauty products, related to skincare, makeup, and more. I'm definitely going to be buying there before I head to university to stock up on new products for my skin too!

I bought these two foot care products from the store as I felt I don't care much for my feet as I should have. My dry feet was tingling when I bought them, haha! 

Smile Foot Scrub  & Smile Foot Cream 
Description from the packaging:  

Smile Foot Scrub:
A foot scrub that contains AHA and Bromelain from pineapple helps remove dead skin cells on foot and keeps it smooth. Spread the scrub on wet feet and massage. Wash off after the massage. Put feet in warm water for couple of minutes before applying for greater effect. 

Smile Foot Cream: 
A foot & heel cream that contains Urea and plant extracts keeps foot moisturized. 
After washing thoroughly, apply adequate amount on your feet. Apply on the heel cream to thed parts. 

Now, onto the review! 

Here's a small squirt of the solution from the Smile Foot Scrub!

A thick texture with "sand particles" embedded. Loved it on my feet as I massaged it! It has a fresh, and natural green apple (with pineapple, but a stronger apple smell) odour with it. Absolutely enjoyed the process of washing my feet with it!

The medium-thick texture of the cream
The odour was light and natural- green apple & peppermint. You can feel it instantly moisturize your feet, especially your heels. The instructions said to apply it twice on the heels.

All in all, there is no instant magic in making your feet dry-free and crack-free, but over the long term your feet will definitely be moisturized with no cracks from dryness! The only negative for me will be the price. Each of them was $12 CAD each. Again, since this is my first time purchasing foot-care products, I don't have other products to compare with. However, I'm sure that I'll be purchasing another set of the Smile Foot products soon! 

Have you ever bought any of TheFaceShop's products before? Any suggested products? And, last question- how do you care for your feet? (Need some tips!) 

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