Monday, 19 May 2014

Knit Skeleton with Florals

G'morning everybody! It's a holiday today because of Victoria Day, so hooray for an outfit shot! This long weekend was full of reading and piano playing- I'm having my grade eight repertoire piano exam in August! I'll be talking more about that as that day comes :)

Anyway, for today's outfit- a hand-me-down romper with a light knit top (has a skeleton print on it, too)! I thought the romper was actually a dress until I tried it on today- boy was it awkward to find out it was a romper! It's still a cute piece, though.

This nice, loose top was bought during my vacation at San Diego, California, from Fashion Q. Now thinking about it, I should have splurged there! (I was browsing through their store, admiring their pieces and affordable prices, but hiding my wallet.. grrr.) The shoes were also bought somewhere in San Diego, but I can't recall which store it was from.

Outfit Details:
White top: Fashion Q
Romper: Hand-me-down

Anyway, thanks for reading and have a great week ahead of yourselves!

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