Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Summer '16, Here I Come! {Life Update}

Why, hello everyone!

Wow, it's been so long since I've posted. Whenever this happens, I can even feel a twinge of anxiety and guilt when I attempt to sneak back into the blogging world! :P Anyway, summer '16 has arrived for me and wow, second year has flown by!! I feel that I enjoyed second year way more than first year, likely because I started to realize the various opportunities available on campus, and learned more of who I was, and became more adapted to campus life.

A few interesting things that happened this school year 2015-16:
  • I worked at our university's call centre during first semester (this is going to be a fun topic I'll leave for a blog post later on!)
  • I got way more involved in extra-curricular activities: I was an English Conversation Leader for the International and Exchange Student' Centre, my friend and I created a club together, and I was self-employed as a part-time teacher!
  • My business class (Business 2257)'s Feasibility Study Project was a definite highlight of my year- this project constantly took up some of my time throughout the year and it was a horrid experience (the first time I ever pulled an all-nighter) while I learned a lot about teamwork and projects
  • I was surprisingly able to somewhat balance my school life, work, and sleep (a little bit of social life, but it can definitely be improved)! 
I have finally moved back home for the four months' of summer and I cannot wait to spend more time on my blog! I've constantly been thinking about blogging, and I was wondering if I should continue with this blog or should I create a new blog altogether? I think I might just continue with it, but change my domain name and design later on, just to preserve my dear followers and my past posts. :) 
Anyway, I will definitely talk more about my work balance with school in a later post- this post shall be your "warm-up" post, and behold my massive splurge of posts later on! 

Here is my iPhone 4s photo to remind you of my face (I took right before my last exam):

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