Monday, 14 September 2015

Senpai, Please notice me~! *Squeal* Animethon 22

"Senpai, please notice me!" (Followed by a squeal). 
Haha.. that was like the hit line for casual street talk awhile ago~ :P

Talking about anime, have you watched any so far? I know many who are more into TV shows or dramas since they're more realistic, and animes seem childish.. but seriously try watching one- especially if you're bored or if you're feeling stressed out and sad because they will boost your mood- I'm not kidding! C: Some of them are so funny and agh, you could really get addicted to them! I was first hooked onto manga back in eigth grade.. ah, those good ol' days when we didn't have much homework and I'd be spending the nights laughing over the books. ;) Many of the books I were reading were "shojo mangas" which is more on the girly, highschool side (mind me, I was still a growing teenage girl!).

Anyway, here was my last Animethon post, which I gotta say, felt like forever ago.. and I do feel fairly bad about only being able to fit in 5 posts during the 12-months gap!

As you can tell, I did not cosplay this year like I did last year... pout.. cosplaying can get expensive, or costly (time-wise) if you decide to do-it-yourself! I tried to fit in with the whole anime/cosplay spirit with these kitty tights and the hair bow on my head! 

(...a few months later: September)!!
Hi everyone! So I started typing up this post a few weeks ago, and here I am, finishing it up! :P
Boy, did summer go by fast~ I'll definitely be posting up a reflection of my to-do list !!! (Let's see if I actually completed it :P)! 

Cheers to a new school year!!

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