Saturday, 21 December 2013

Let the Brake Begin!

Good morning peeps! Yesterday was finally, the last day of school for us for 2013! We can all finally take a "brake" and rest up plus catch up on school work to prepare for final exams in January (not looking foward to that)! 

Anyway, yesterday was really an amazing day. We basically had no classes the entire day- we had "Muffins and Music" in the morning (an event where you can enjoy some muffins while listening to live music from our amazing band students), and then there was "Shep's Got Talent"- our annual talent show. Seriously, I've gotta say, our school has got some talent.. these people are going to become celebrities in the future, haha! I was so proud of my friends this year for joining! And guess what? One of my friends won first place! She sang a song from Disney and her voice was absolutely amazing. Everyone else who sang had an amazing voice too. We also had people perform b-boxing, break dancing, and there was even someone who brought in their adorable puppy and had a little skit going on! :) By the end of the talent show, I was worn out from screaming and cheering. 

On to today's look! I tried to match the colour of my beanie I crocheted with my lime-black scarf I got from Aeropostale around a year ago. This amazingly warm jacket from Simons (around $200) is perfect for winter! These boots were purchased from almost 3 years ago, I believe... I don't remember where I got them from but I loved them and I still enjoy wearing it! 

Outfit Details

Jacket- Simons
Beanie- DIY
Scarf- Aeropostale
Jeans- Aeropostale

The weather may look slightly warm, but my hands were freezing! What crazy weather we have in Edmonton, hey? It limits the choices we have of clothing sometimes! :(

Anyway, let's all cheer for winter break, shall we? Get your body charged with rest, start actually accomplishing things, and planning new year resolutions and plans! Are you guys heading anywhere for this winter break? Unfortunately, while my friends are all going to cruises and travelling to different destinations, I'll be stuck at home maybe studying, but also blogging lots and more! :) Let's be efficient this break.

Thanks for reading!

Lots of Love,



  1. Love your scarf and beanie combination! Cute

    xx Cissy

  2. have a nice break and happy new year. you look great :)

  3. nice place and love your boots :D
    Btw Happy New Year :D


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